Making his mark



April 6, 2018 - 11:00 PM

The artist’s consolation is that she can take as her subject the everyday turmoil of life and make of it something beautiful, she can rescue from despair those essential splinters of light that go into making a dull thing gleam.

“Everything is copy” Nora Ephron’s mother used to tell her. Considering how the late writer-director managed to squeeze from the wounds of her early divorce the material for both a novel and a movie — not to mention a bestselling collection of essays, “I Feel Bad About My Neck,” inspired by the ravages of old age — it was advice Ephron was intent on not wasting. And it’s the gifted artistic strategy, too, of Humboldt-native Nathan Cheney, whose first feature film, “A Fatherless Generation,” premieres April 14 at the Kansas City Film Festival.


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