USD 257 selects security bid



February 12, 2013 - 12:00 AM

CDL Electric Company out of Pittsburg won the bid on USD 257 security system instillation at Monday night’s board meeting.
CDL’s bid was significantly lower than its competitors bidding the work at $27,324. Its main competitors were Advantage Computers, bidding $57,633 and ADS, bidding $55,930.30.
“I’m not sure how they did it but CDL is significantly lower,” said Brett Linn technology director. “Because of the price we did question it.”
“We tried every avenue to prove it wrong and we couldn’t find it,” added Scott Stanley, director of operations.
Linn and Stanley did extensive research on CDL and found they were the best choice.
Installation will begin March 22. Originally the board had estimated $65,000 for the process.

ROBERT and Toby Shaughnessy returned to speak with the board after Robert requested, at the last board meeting, to approve a tax abatement on repairs for a franchise restaurant, Sam and Louie’s Pizza, they are trying to open on North State Street. 
Toby Shaughnessy addressed and was approved by the City Council on Jan. 28 for the tax rebate. The city later contacted the school board and informed them the request would fall under the Neighborhood Revitalization Program. The city scheduled a hearing on the issue for Feb. 25.
The school board approved the tax abatement on the improvements for the entity as long as the other governing bodies approve it as well.
“The added value that this business could bring to Iola is tremendous,” Toby said.
Toby Shaughnessy’s major concern is the first few years of a new business.
“This tax abatement would give me a peace of mind,” Toby Shaughnessy said. “It would take a weight off our shoulders.”

SAFE BASE director Angela Henry has come into a $100,000 supplemental grant opportunity with 21st Century Grant.
Henry approached the board during the public forum to ask permission to write the grant for a field trip to Colorado the last week of June.
The trip, Henry said, would be tied into the educational portion of the summer SAFE BASE program.
“They will learn to pitch tents, camp and cook,” she said.
She said she has been thinking about doing the trip for the past six years but funds would never allow it.
Henry was approved to write the grant, which is due by Feb. 25, and pursue the possibility of taking third- through eighth-graders on a trip to Colorado.

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