Candidates’ attacks on transgenders hurt us all

"Rhetoric like that of Kobach, Marshall and everyone else who has spent part of recent legislative sessions trying to stir up fear of trans people in bathrooms puts some of the state’s children in danger of losing something more significant than sports trophies."



July 30, 2020 - 8:06 AM

Photo by TNS

Kris Kobach made his name by punching down.

He rose to prominence by targeting undocumented immigrants, one of the least powerful groups of people in this country. Over the summer, increasingly abandoned by his party in the race for Pat Roberts’ U.S. Senate seat, Kobach threw punches at an even less-powerful group: transgender people.

In a bizarre, rambling video released in June, after the U.S. Supreme Court protected LGBTQ people from discrimination by employers, Kobach lamented “cases of biological men, deciding to call themselves women, and then dominating women’s sports.” He claimed ridiculously that “female records are being shattered everywhere by biological males.”

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