Kansas GOP leaders insist they know how to parent best

Republican legislators are usurping the rights of Kansas parents on how they should care for their children. 



April 2, 2024 - 3:33 PM

According to Kansas Republican legislators, there's only a right way to parent, and it starts by having the "right" kind of children. PHOTO BY SOFATUTOR /UNSPLASH

In Kansas, you can parent your children any way you like. 

Just so long as you do that parenting like a conservative Republican. 

That’s the message coming from Topeka these days, anyway. Just a few weeks ago, Attorney General Kris Kobach took a bold stand for the primacy of parental rights after it emerged that he had written to some of the state’s largest school districts to demand information on their policies regarding transgender students — and to warn districts that they must inform parents if their student present as trans or nonbinary at school. 

Now, there is no state law requiring schools to trample on their students’ privacy in that matter. 

But Kobach asserted that the requirement can be found in the U.S. Constitution, as well as a series of Supreme Court rulings over the years. 

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