The benefits of sharing success

We only need to look at our young athletes to see how putting others first is the secret to winning as a team



July 29, 2022 - 2:41 PM

Marci Penner, CEO of the Kansas Sampler Foundation, shares a hug with Lisse Regehr, CEO of Thrive Allen County, Thursday afternoon. Penner was in town to speak about the ways Kansas communities are revitalizing their economies and outlooks.

Marci Penner challenged the audience Thursday to be more receptive to change and to break away from being “a culture of ‘no.’”

Sometimes what’s needed is to “break up the power paradigm of the older generations,” who tend to have a negative knee jerk reaction to change. “We must have a culture of ‘yes,’ or at the very least not saying no.”

Penner is the executive director of the Kansas Sampler Foundation, a nonprofit that works to promote small towns across the state. She was one of several presenters participating in the program, “Resources for Revitalizing Southeast Kansas Communities,” sponsored by Kansas State University, Thrive Allen County and the KDHE Brownfields Program.

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