Child care critical to Silicon Prairie’s success

Workplace stability and growth hinges on availability of daycare providers



March 1, 2023 - 3:22 PM

Day-care centers are currently meeting 80% the demand in Allen County; 58% in Anderson County and 51% in Coffey County. With 2,200 new jobs on the horizon in Coffey County, industries and day care providers need to build partnerships in order to draw young families this way. PIXABAY.COM

EMP Shield’s announcement last week of its plans to build a computer microchip plant in nearby Coffey County could draw hundreds of young families to Southeast Kansas.

The Burlington manufacturer’s plans are for a $1.9 billion investment creating 1,200 jobs.

On top of that, another half-dozen ancillary industries have announced their intentions to set up shop in the 300-acre campus tagged Silicon Prairie Industrial Park. Those businesses will provide another 1,000 jobs.

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