Republican Congressman seals his fate

At the hint of compassion for those affected by the recent shootings and his pledge that he would support limiting access to assault weapons, the legislator faced stiff backlash



June 6, 2022 - 2:00 PM

Rep. Chris Jacobs (R-NY) and his family in a ceremonial swearing-in ceremony on July 21, 2020. Jacobs faced stiff backlash from Republicans when he said he would vote for gun control measures. (Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images/TNS)

Buffalo Rep. Chris Jacobs, in Congress for just two years, had one week of being a real leader and a man worthy of the title, The Honorable. Eight days ago, in the wake of the massacre of 10 of his neighbors in a supermarket by a young terrorist with a Bushmaster XM-15, the solid-to-the-core Republican said he would support a federal assault weapons ban like the one America once had for a decade.

Speaking from his heart at a press conference as the funerals of fellow Buffalonians were going on, he said, “I hope I’ve been compassionate when I read and heard about previous incidents like this that have happened over the years, but I guess there’s just something markedly different when it happens in your city, to people you know. This has been a profoundly impactful event for me.”

For the sin of showing some basic humanity and some common sense and for breaking with his party’s zombie-like following of the morally and economically bankrupt NRA gun lobby, that was the end for Jacobs, as Republicans immediately started demanding he drop his reelection bid and GOP challengers announced that they would primary him.

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