Letter to the editor – April 25, 2024

Dear editor,

I loved the letter to the editor in Wednesday’s paper about the chickens getting voted down by the Iola Council. 

It’s hilarious to see people get so upset over this and bring up the idea that it would save them money by having four chickens.

A chicken will lay on average 250 eggs a year. So four will get you 1,000 eggs a year, which amounts to roughly seven dozen eggs a month. 

Eggs right now are around $3 a dozen, that amounts to $21 a month you would be saving.

The average chicken needs 1/4 lb. of feed per day. That is 30 lbs. of feed a month for four, around $10-$15.

That gives you a net profit of $6-$11 a month. This doesn’t take into account the cost of the chicken coop, water and clean-up expenses.

So after all this, please explain how you are going to save money by having four chickens?

The Council got this decision right!

Jerald Wille,

Iola, Kan.

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