More than ever, early voting makes sense

"It’s easily accessible, it’s pretty much impenetrable to election fraud, it helps alleviate the hassle of Election Day lines, it yields a higher turnout, and, most importantly, in these times of a global pandemic it would be infinitely safer to vote from home rather than at a public polling site."



June 24, 2020 - 7:56 AM

Photo by TNS

If the primary elections are an indication, the Nov. 3 general election is on course to be a nightmare. 

Not only will we likely not know the election’s outcome in a timely manner, but many voters will be prevented from casting their votes.

In Tuesday’s primary election in Kentucky, polling locations were reduced from the usual 3,700 to 200 due to a shortage of poll workers amid the pandemic. Louisville, population 600,000, had only one voting station open.

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