Happiness need not be an elusive search (column)



March 9, 2018 - 12:00 AM

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Happiness. Where do we find it? People spend a lot of time searching for happiness. Some people try to buy happiness, some look to their families or friends for happiness. Some people look to their work to find happiness. Others to the time they spend in recreation. One thing that everyone in this world has in common is the search for happiness.

Life happens around us. People are rude; our bosses are bossy and demanding; our children are a handful; our houses are messy; our spouses get on our nerves; the internet is wacky; our library books are overdue; our cars won’t start; the line is slow at the grocery store; the drivers at the school pick up are crazy. Basically, we feel that our opportunities to feel happiness are robbed from us by everyday life.

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