Making sense of last-minute wedding invitations

A reader has twice received wedding invitations within two weeks of the actual weddings. It's OK to be conservative when deciding whether to go, Carolyn Hax says, but it wouldn't hurt to tweak your mindset before deciding.



November 1, 2022 - 2:34 PM

Dear Carolyn: I have received two invitations in the past few months to weddings held within two weeks of receiving the invite. As a general rule, I think people worry too much about how wedding invitations reflect on the friendship. But the late invite creates an awkward decision. Do I accept the last-minute invite to the event that I know people have been planning for months? I’ve done this, and it makes me feel like a second-tier friend. Or do I decline because of the late invitation? I’ve also done this, and it feels petty.

Am I making too much out of this? I’m a single guy, and the friends in question are guys I went to grad school with and talk with four or five times a year.

— Last-Minute

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