Commission says no to more rides

County commissioners decided to stick with the current transportation plan rather than expand the program to round-the-clock coverage. Thrive Allen County requested the extended hours to allow employees to use the program to go to work. Commissioners wanted more time to gather data on its effectiveness.



November 3, 2021 - 9:58 AM

Thrive CEO Lisse Regher talks to county commissioners about a countywide transportation program. Photo by Vickie Moss / Iola Register

A countywide transportation plan will continue next year under its current format, commissioners decided Tuesday.

A week ago, representatives of Thrive Allen County asked them to consider expanding to round-the-clock coverage in order to help many local residents get to their jobs. Three local industries agreed to contribute $5,000 each, reducing the county’s potential cost from $99,640 to $84,640.

On Tuesday, commissioners agreed to pay $19,767 to continue the program as it currently operates instead of the expansion.

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