Thrive’s goal: Getting people to work

County commissioners will need to consider whether to pay more to expand a countywide transportation program to round-the-clock coverage. The current schedule doesn't help people who need to get to work. Three local industries are willing to contribute to costs to expand coverage.



October 27, 2021 - 9:56 AM

Allen County commissioners listen to Jessica Thompson of Thrive Allen County present a plan for an around-the-clock transportation program that would help local employees get to their jobs. Photo by Vickie Moss

A county transportation plan could expand to round-the-clock coverage to help employees get to work.

At least that’s the hope for Thrive Allen County. Representatives asked county commissioners to agree to spend up to $54,000 more a year to expand the service and purchase another vehicle for the program.

Commissioners did not indicate whether they supported the proposal, and had plenty of questions. Most of their concerns were financial.

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