She thinks she can, so she does

When Mary Kay Heard's dad told her he had confidence in her business acumen, she believed it, too. 'The minute he told me so, it made all the difference.'



February 4, 2022 - 4:02 PM

Mary Kay Heard can now see that a lifetime of accepting responsibilities as a merchant and parent was a natural progression to becoming engaged in local affairs once time allowed. SUSAN LYNN/REGISTER

As Mary Kay Heard tells it, “I was a nobody,” for much of her life.   

That’s when you want to shake her by the shoulders and say it’s because of people like her and her husband Dave’s 46 years at Western Auto that Iola’s retail economy kept afloat. 

But with her nose to the grindstone and raising a family, Mary Kay was too busy to take such a perspective. 

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