Britain needs a Brexit do-over referendum

Britain’s holiday from history was supposed to end this week. After three years of bitter debate, Prime Minister Theresa May hoped Parliament would back the agreement for Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union that she painstakingly negotiated over the past 18 months. On Tuesday, however, Parliament voted 2-to-1 against her deal, a humiliating defeat that leaves the future of Britain’s relationship with Europe as unsettled as ever.

Body language speaks volumes

As a young mother, especially, I always admired those who could make their children mind with what seemed the slightest change in the tone of their voice or look. Viewers of Laura Kelly's State of the State Address would not have been impressed with the Republicans' reaction to the governor's speech.

King’s fall offers lessons for conservatives

The House of Representatives has overwhelmingly voted for a resolution of disapproval aimed at Representative Steve King of Iowa. All of his fellow Republicans supported the action — he even voted for it himself, to show his remorse — and earlier this week, the party’s leaders stripped King of his committee assignments. Several GOP members are telling him to resign.


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