NFL expands mask mandate

Football players who do not wear masks while on the sidelines during NFL games will be subject to disciplinary measures, the league announced. The crackdown is part of the NFL's tougher stance on COVID-19 protection.



November 24, 2020 - 9:26 AM

Photo by Pixabay

The NFL has expanded its mandate for mask usage on the sideline and is threatening discipline for those who violate the league’s updated COVID-19 protocols.

The league told teams in a memo on Monday that players who are not substituting or preparing to enter the field of play and are not wearing their helmets will be required to wear a mask or a double-layered gaiter on the sideline, starting this week.

Play-callers now must wear a mask even if they have a face shield. Postgame interactions between players and staff will be limited. Also, players and team personnel must wear masks and may briefly greet opponents after games.

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