Mom, college-age daughter must adapt to new rules

Are you still the parent, still partly responsible for your daughter’s choices? Or are you a peer? Are you her roommate? Are you her landlord?



March 4, 2020 - 9:55 AM

Dear Carolyn: My daughter graduated from college last year; we are now looking into graduate programs. She moved back home at the end of summer. We have a split-level home, so we both have our “space” and share our kitchen.

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She met a young man online and they get along well. After several months of dating, I realized he was staying at our home almost every night. Granted, he stays mostly downstairs in her living space.

I told my daughter I did not want to live with a young man, or anyone else. I said her boyfriend could stay at our home two nights a week and no more. I felt this was a generous offer. My daughter disagrees.

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