Farmers adapt to survive


Local News

July 19, 2019 - 5:40 PM

Andrew Snavely, left, and Craig Mentzer put up a fence Wednesday that was overcome by floodwaters back in May. Unfortunately, it was just one of many. REGISTER/ERIC SPRUILL

For 45 years Craig Mentzer has been farming his land in Geneva, an unincorporated town in northwestern Allen County. He’s endured floods, he’s weathered several droughts, but with 2019 just past the halfway mark he can already say this year has been his most challenging.

Frigid temperatures early in the year, followed by a historically wet spring and a dry, hot summer, to go with a Mexico-Canada trade deal that can’t seem to reach the House floor, all leave Mentzer scratching his head about what is on the horizon.

“Every year has its own unique set of challenges. No year is the same.This is one I want to get through with. I hope the worst is over. We have had numerous obstacles. The winter weather was very hard for calving, then the floods,” Mentzer said. He pauses for a moment before saying,” And then there is always the government.”

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