Scientists still unraveling coronavirus mysteries

As coronavirus infections surge in other countries, scientists continue to explore the new virus. Differing mortality rates in other parts of the country add to the mystery.


National News

February 26, 2020 - 10:27 AM

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. Photo by Jessica McGowan/Getty Images/TNS

WASHINGTON (AP) — Scientists can’t tell yet how deadly the new virus that’s spreading around the globe really is — and deepening the mystery, the fatality rate differs even within China.

As infections of the virus that causes COVID-19 surge in other countries, even a low fatality rate can add up to lots of victims, and understanding why one place fares better than another becomes critical to unravel.

“You could have bad outcomes with this initially until you really get the hang of how to manage” it, Dr. Bruce Aylward, the World Health Organization envoy who led a team of scientists just back from China, warned Tuesday.

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