Youngsters learn about fire safety

Local News

October 17, 2018 - 11:03 AM

Gary Kimball, with the Iola Fire Department, shows Munchinland Preschool children the workings of a fire truck Monday as part of National Fire Prevention Month. REGISTER/RICHARD LUKEN

Members of the Iola Fire Department are putting on a different hat — going from firefighters to fire-preventers — as part of National Fire Prevention Month.

The Fire Department has visited with more than 950 students this month, from preschool through fourth grade in Iola. Each child received a safety bag filled with materials on fire safety.

The youngsters also were treated to tours of the fire station, and given a chance to see what firefighters do on a daily basis, tour the inside of department ambulances and fire trucks, check out the equipment firefighters use on fire and medical calls, and some were allowed to do a fire drill in the IFD smoke house. The smoke house uses a fog machine to fill the inside of the small building, to teach children how to crawl and safely exit a burning structure.

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