Paxton uses woman’s plight for political gain

A medical decision of Cox and her doctors, supported by her husband, should be up to Cox and her doctors, not Paxton and some judges.



December 11, 2023 - 9:07 PM

The Travis County 459th District Court was the site of an emergency hearing in Cox v Texas, in Austin, Texas, on Thursday, Dec. 7, that granted Kate Cox, an expectant mother whose fetus has been determined unviable, an abortion. On Friday, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton requested the Texas Supreme Court to overrule the decision. The high court agreed to stay the decision for the time being, though it endangers the mother’s life. Photo by Suzanne Cordeiro/AFP/Getty Images/TNS

Kate Cox, a 31-year-old Dallas-Fort Worth married mother of two, might die. She’s not recovering from some tragic accident, nor does she have some kind of untreatable ailment. The best path to her health is eminently clear and medically proven: an abortion to terminate an unviable 20-week pregnancy, as recommended by her doctors.

Those doctors notably don’t include Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who has gotten the state Supreme Court to halt a lower court’s temporary restraining order that had given her the right to obtain such an abortion under one of the state’s narrow exceptions to a near-total ban. To ensure that Cox wouldn’t move ahead with a procedure, Paxton also sent letters to several hospitals threatening legal action if they provided Cox the medical care that she so desperately needs.