Column: Goodell’s stance on email probe sparks more questions than answers

An investigation into emails involving Washington's football team remains largely closed to the public, despite collateral damage that cost former Las Vegas Raiders coach Jon Gruden his job. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's stance leads one to wonder what else the league is hiding.



October 29, 2021 - 2:23 PM

Washington Football Team owner Daniel Snyder in 2018. Photo by TNS file photo

If the point of this whole exercise is to protect Dan Snyder’s reputation, it’s at least a decade too late.

Make that two decades. Snyder shot straight to the top of most “Worst Owners in Sports” lists soon after buying the NFL’s Washington franchise in 1999 and hasn’t faced any serious competition since the NBA forced Donald Sterling out in 2014.

Besides, whatever NFL commissioner Roger Goodell hoped to keep under wraps by refusing to release the details of an investigation into Snyder’s Washington Football Team will be known soon enough. If public pressure, or leaks like the email trove that sunk former Raiders coach Jon Gruden don’t accomplish it, then maybe congressional interest will.

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