Mathes strives to go out as champion

Humboldt High sophomore Cole Mathes has already been to the Class 3A state wrestling championship twice. He has dreams of winning state when his high school career is all said and done.



March 14, 2023 - 3:33 PM

Humboldt’s Cole Mathes, top, pins a Parsons wrestler at a home meet. Photo by Quinn Burkitt

HUMBOLDT — Humboldt sophomore Cole Mathes earned his second straight trip to the Class 3A state wrestling championship last month. 

Mathes fared even better in this year’s tournament, claiming a fifth place spot in the 165-pound weight class. His success has been indicative of the time Mathes puts into the sport. 

Mathes paved his way to the Class 3A state championship at the 3-2-1A Regional D Tournament in Sabetha where he secured wins in three straight matchups before falling in the first place match. 

“It felt really good to make it two years in a row. It wasn’t just luck,” said Mathes. “Putting in the work in practice and the coaches helping me made me feel pretty good getting back there. Coach Kent (Goodner) and Ron (Shomaker) helped a lot. They make practice fun.”

“They help you get to that next level,” Mathes added. 

Mathes may enjoy wrestling for the sole fact that it helps with his mobility, balance and mindset on the football field as well. All three of these skills take time to harness. 

Wrestling certainly lifts Mathes’ mental game when he’s in a situation where he has to figure out maneuvers that will take down his opponent. 

Wrestling under the bright lights and in front of a crowd at the state meet also takes composure.

“It’s a big venue and there’s a lot of pressure on you,” Mathes said. “But when you get out there you’ve just got to get in the zone in and remember it’s just another wrestling tournament. Everybody’s tough there. You don’t get any warm-up matches, so you have to work hard every single match.” 

Mathes said he is focused on bringing home a state championship title. 

“I think I have the ability to be a two-time state champion my junior and senior years. I want to bring Humboldt its first state championship,” said Mathes. “I’ve learned you have to keep your composure and just keep going.”

Mathes said he values and is fueled by the support of his coaches, teammates and community.

“Humboldt has been very supportive,” Mathes said. “All the parents and students are always there to support the athletes. It’s a great system, everybody enjoys it.”

Mathes has moved on to playing baseball this spring.

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